Mailing Industry Information and Associations

Over the years, Access Mail has acquired vast knowledge about the mailing industry, especially discount mail and other direct mail solutions, by seeking and utilizing resources available to all business mailers. Both general and very specific information to help your company achieve optimal benefits when using the United State Postal Service to communicate with your customers is at your fingertips:

Official website of the US Postal Service

USPS Price List – single piece and qualifying discount postage rates

Postal Customer Councils (PPC) are local associations through which business mailers and postal managers work together to increase mailing efficiency and improve mail service. Through regular meetings, educational seminars, special events and clinics, PCC members stay on top of the latest postal developments and work closely with local post offices to make mail service more efficient. The US Postal Service stands behind the PCC program, an important avenue for improving service and understanding mailers’ needs. Tampa FL PPC

Change of Address Over 40 million Americans change their address annually, which creates formidable obstacles in maintaining a high-quality mailing list. The US Postal Service is requiring presort mailers to update their mailing list every 95 days or less. In addition to placing endorsements on your mail, you can run your list through National Change Of Address software to comply with the USPS requirement. For a list of Licensed Vendors: click here.

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For business mailers sending out an average of 100 or more pieces of First Class or Standard Class letters and/or flats daily, Access Mail can provide convenience and save you time and money.

For business mailers who send out from 200-10,000 First Class or Standard Class Direct Mail letters or flats on a weekly, monthly or occasional basis, Access Mail can assist you with these projects:

  • First Class™ and Standard Class™ postage discounts
  • Folding, Inserting, Tabbing
  • Ink jet addressing, color and black & white
  • Mailing lists: both consumer & business
  • Advice to get the best results with mail
  • Personalized laser letters, color and black & white

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